Website Design

If you’re in business, or running a club or organisation of some sort, people expect you to have a website.

What sort of website you need, and therefore the cost of creating it, depends on what you want it to provide.

For small service based businesses, it may be just a brochure style website, designed to let people know you exist. Basic information such as what you do, where you are, and how to contact you.

On the other hand, if your business is in sales rather than service, you might want an online shopping style website, where customers can order and pay for goods without the hassle of actually visiting your shop.

The two different styles of website require vastly different amounts of work and maintenance, therefore the cost can be vastly different.

A basic brochure style website for your business might start at less than $1000 but a full on shopping cart system could be more than that, depending on stock levels and complexity.

Most of the websites I create can be maintained and updated by the owners via a web browser login. No special software is required. However if you are not into that, I can certainly provide that service for you.

Dont be tempted to rely solely on a facebook page for business purposes.
Most businesses and workplaces will have facebook access blocked by their I.T department so their staff don’t waste company time.

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