Awesome Free Software

Every now and then I come across a bit of free software that I think deserves the ‘awesome’ tag. Now there’s a heap of free software available out there, and a lot of it is very good as well. Some of it is not so good though, but hey, its free, what can you expect.

Aside from my preferred operating system (Linux) there is a lot of free applications and programs to do most anything you would want for Windows and Mac as well.

Today’s little gem is called Serviio.

Its a brilliant media server that will allow you to share all of your music/video/photos/docs etc across computers and other gadgets in your home.

I’m using it to share my music and video collection to my TV via Samsung Allshare

If you buy the Pro version you can also share your collection via the internet to friends and family, or access your home pc’s media while on the road.


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